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May 2011

Matt DeLacluyse, RAECO Rents business development managerI have tinnitus, a ringing in my ears that I notice most when I’m in quiet places. I can pinpoint a few possible causes. To earn money as a teen, I used to mow lawns — wearing a cranked-up Walkman to drown out the mower noise. My music got louder when I traded the money I earned for concert tickets.

My noise exposure didn't improve with my career choices after college.

You wouldn’t think a Fortune 500 IT data center where I worked would be noisy. But it was, and the noise level wasn’t monitored. With company growth came more servers, and more noise. I couldn't concentrate, and the ringing in my ears became more prominent. So, I started wearing foam ear plugs to reduce the noise in my daily workplace.

I wish I'd known then what we can prove now with personal noise exposure monitors.

Want to know whether your work environment is really too loud? Email me (mattd@raeco.com) or call me about renting sound level and personal noise exposure instruments.

Our Instant-On Guarantee

If our rental doesn't arrive in proper working order, it's FREE for as many days as it takes us to get you a working unit.

So, if a RAECO rental unit doesn't work out of the box, and the replacement takes two days to arrive, you won't pay for those two days. Plus, we'll tack on two free days at the end of your rental to make up for any lost time.

Do you have ringing in your ears?

Hearing loss begins with prolonged exposure to noise levels over 85 dB, about the noise a standard kitchen blender makes. Ongoing exposure to these high noise levels can damage your hearing permanently and cause tinnitus, the ringing sound you hear when you are in a quiet environment.

OSHA noise exposure standards define two levels based on eight-hour time-weighted average exposures  — Hearing Conservation and Noise Control — defining the exposure limits where companies are required to provide worker hearing protection.

OSHA Hearing Conservation Program says that at 85 dBA for half the workday or more, workers can choose to wear provided hearing protection gear. According to OSHA Noise Control Program, at 90 dBA through a full workday, workers are required to wear hearing protection gear. The company is responsible for ongoing worker hearing safety education, and regular area monitoring to determine whether worker safety equipment is adequate.

Quest Edge personal noise exposure metersKnow your exposure

Rent a Quest Edge eg4 or eg5 to test your daily noise exposure levels. The Edge dosimeter is small, light-weight, and cable-free. The 3-ounce clip-on unit is contoured to hug your body when you’re wearing it. The microphone is built directly into the dosimeter, so there’s no dangling wire to get in your way.

Quest Technologies Edge eg4 Personal Noise Dosimeters are available through RAECO Rents service

RAECO rents the Quest Edge dosimeters on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Both units have datalogging, so you can download test samples to a PC for analysis and record-keeping. The intrinsically safe Edge eg5 is the model you need for harsh environments, or if you need simultaneous C-weighted and A-weighted measurements.

For regular area monitoring, to check that worker hearing protection gear is adequate, call RAECO Rents for a meter with octave band filters, like the Quest SoundPro DL.

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