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July 2011
Matt DeLacluyse, RAECO Rents business development manager

Mom always said she wanted me to learn from her mistakes. This is one case where I did.

On a trip back from visiting family in Western Illinois, my parents' car broke down. They spent a couple hours on the side of the road waiting for assistance.

It was in the 90°s and my folks were without air conditioning or drinking water. To this day, my mother is easily bothered by heat, and you can sense the panic as she becomes heat stressed.

My lesson learned: Carry water bottles in the car in case of emergency, for myself and for others I might encounter who have found themselves in a situation like my mother did.

Our Instant-On Guarantee

If our rental doesn't arrive in proper working order, it's FREE for as many days as it takes us to get you a working unit.

So, if a RAECO rental unit doesn't work out of the box, and the replacement takes two days to arrive, you won't pay for those two days. Plus, we'll tack on two free days at the end of your rental to make up for any lost time.

Can’t find an item you need from our rental inventory? Call RAECO Rents at 866-736-8347 and we’ll find it for you.

Heat Index Map - June 18 2011

Are you protected from heat stress?

Being in the red is bad in business, and it's bad news on the US Heat Index map. The map above (from yesterday at 4pm Central) isn't unusual this week. And it brings up a topic we don't discuss much: Heat stress.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly 700 people die every year from exposure to extreme heat. This number is not just from exposure to summer heat but also from workers exposed to extreme heat conditions both indoors and out.

Employers can do many things to protect their workers, starting with heat stress awareness training, plus providing frequent breaks, plenty of liquids, and monitoring workers for symptoms of heat stress.  (Common symptoms include headaches, dizziness, fainting, weakness or wet skin, irritability or confusion.) 

Read more about occupational heat stress at RAECO.com:
> Work/rest regimens and workplace heat stress monitoring
> CDC/NIOSH reference "Protect Yourself from Heat Stress"

3M Quest QuesTemp 46 heat stress monitor3M Quest has a line of heat stress monitors that can be used to help calculate the amount of time a worker can be exposed to extreme temperatures. 

RAECO Rents has the QT-36 (wet bulb globe temperatures) and QT-46 (waterless wet bulb) portable heat stress monitors, both available to rent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  Either one will provide you with real-time guidance on heat exposure stay times and work/rest regimens.

As schools start preparing for fall season, these Quest monitors can be equally useful in detecting dangerous conditions on the practice fields and during summer competitions and races. Know someone who might benefit from this information? Feel free to pass this newsletter along to them.

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