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August 2011
Matt DeLacluyse, RAECO Rents business development manager

Got Data? Or, is it stuck in the instrument and you can’t get it out? I know the frustrations. It always seems like when you’re in a big time crunch, your computer doesn’t want to cooperate.

To make this simpler, I’m starting my series "GET YOUR DATA!" Each month, I’ll provide either a web video or step-by-step instructions to make it easier for you to accomplish this feat.

Alas, if the computer still won’t play nice, don’t fear. Let RAECO Rents get your data, (for a small download fee of $25/instrument).

Our Instant-On Guarantee

If our rental doesn't arrive in proper working order, it's FREE for as many days as it takes us to get you a working unit.

So, if a RAECO rental unit doesn't work out of the box, and the replacement takes two days to arrive, you won't pay for those two days. Plus, we'll tack on two free days at the end of your rental to make up for any lost time.

Can’t find an item you need on our website? Call 866-736-8347 and we’ll find it for you.

Get Your Data... from a BW GasAlert Micro5

BW GasAlert Micro5 portable multigas detectorWith the rental of every BW GasAlert Micro5 (or Micro5-IR or Micro5-PID), we include BW Fleet Manager software, an SD card in the instrument and an SD-card-to-USB adapter — all the things you need to get your data from the instrument to your PC.

  1. Install Fleet Manager on your PC.
  2. To see ALL results, including zero readings, set this option in your FleetManager software before you start your download.
  3. Connect your instrument to the PC with the USB adapter.
  4. Read the full step-by-step instructions at RAECO.com

Did you do a bump test today?

Do you bump check your personal gas monitors before every use? On average, one in 100 gas detectors that is not bump tested will fail to alarm properly to a true gas alarm event every 25 days.

Honeywell recommends bump testing daily before every use to ensure proper operation. RAECO Rents can order you a supply of bump gas and can have it arrive with your rental.

Read more about bump testing gas monitors at RAECO.com:

Just added to our rental pool

Customer Service Update…

Our UPS return shipping label service, launched in early summer, has reduced a major pain point for our customers. When you’re done with your rental, apply the return label to the box, take it to any one of UPS’s drop-off locations and give them the package.

In my experience, when I was taking in prepaid packages with labels attached, I could even bypass the line, drop the package on the counter, and inform the attendant that it was ready to go. You may find, as I did a couple times, some locations charge a small handling fee, but this is rare.

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