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February 2012
Matt DeLacluyse, RAECO Rents business development manager

A year ago today, Chicago was buried under a 22" snowfall, complete with winds and, amazingly enough, thunder and lightning. Today, we're expecting a high temperature of 46° and sun. It all just reminds me how much can change in a year.

And speaking of changes...

Effective January 1, 2012, RAECO Rents is now its own company.

Please add us to your approved vendors list:
135 Bernice Drive
Bensenville IL, 60106
Ph: 800-736-8347
Fx: 815-464-8720

We have a lot of changes planned, all aimed at making your job easier, and making it easier for you to do business with us. Keep watching the Rents E-news: I'll let you know as new products and services become available.

Can’t find an item you need on our website? Call 866-736-8347 and we’ll find it for you.

Gently-used industrial hygiene and safety instruments for sale

Looking for low-cost IH and safety instruments? Willing to buy a gently-used rental? We've posted a list of gently-used instruments on the RAECO website. Check it out. Then, call us at 866-736-8347 and make us an offer!

Three Dosimeters in One Lightweight Device!

Quest Edge personal noise exposure meters

Customers who have rented the 3M (Quest) Edge noise dosimeters rave about them: No cables, just three ounces, 40-hour runtime, two virtual dosimeters for OSHA limits, and models for general service and harsh environments.

Recently, 3M added a third virtual dosimeter to the Edge eg5 intrinsically safe models. So now, you can set up OSHA Hearing Conservation (HC) and Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs), plus ACGIH setpoints.

To use the third virtual dosimeter, you’ll need 3M’s new Detection Management Software (DMS), which we include for free with every rental. If you don’t need the third dosimeter, stick with the QuestSuite Pro II software.

I have both software versions running on my computer, and they work completely independently of each other. But I found two Gotchas that are worth remembering:

  1. If you install DMS and enable the third virtual dosimeter, you can’t download data into QSP II anymore. There’s a download file checksum in QSP II that fails when the third dosimeter is enabled, so it considers the data invalid. If you want to go back to QSP II, reload the settings for the dosimeter from QSP II and disable the third dosimeter.
  2. Make sure you’re running the latest version of Detection Management Software. I’d tried setting up a third dosimeter on a unit, and tried to save configuration settings with the setpoints in this order: OSHA HC, OSHA PEL, ad ACGIH. The settings wouldn’t save, and the software kept changing the ACGIH exchange rate from 3 to 5. I changed the order of the setpoints: OSHA HC, ACGIH, and OSHA PEL, and the exchange rate saved correctly. 3M has reported to have fixed the software with the latest patch, so be sure you’re running the latest version.

When you order Edge eg5 dosimeters from RAECO Rents, we'll send both software packages, so you can choose the one you need. Make sure you read the instruction on downloading your data from an eg5.

Rent the Edge eg5 intrinsically safe noise dosimeters

One Edge eg5 noise dosimeter kit: $65/day, $160/week.
Five-Pack Edge eg5 noise dosimeter kit: $240/day, $670/week.
Need dosimeters for a month or longer? Call for our competitive long-term rental rates.

Configuration and Downloading Services

When you rent instrumentation, you can be sure it comes to you in working condition. But it can still take valuable time to input the specific settings you need to do your job. So, to make your day easier, if you have a special configuration you need loaded on an instrument, we can do it for you, so it's ready to use right out of the box.

And, if you'd prefer, we'll download your data after you use the device, and get your data back to you on a CD or by e-mail.

Charges for configuration service and download services are as follows:
$25 for the first five identical devices, and $10 for each five devices after.

Just ask Patricia or me about it when you call to schedule your rental.

135 Bernice Dr
Bensenville IL 60106-3366
Phone: 866-736-8347 (866-RENT-EHS)

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