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April 2012

Matt DeLacluyse, RAECO Rents business development managerSpring is here! And as the weather outside starts to improve, so does RAECO Rents. Within the next couple weeks, we'll be sending out our latest rental catalogs. Want to be sure you get one? Fill out the form at www.RaecoRents.com

Please bookmark www.RaecoRents.com. Currently, that address takes you to the RAECO website you’ve been using for years. Soon, it’ll take you to a site designed specifically for our rental customers, with more video tutorials, my new blog, and lots of other stuff.

AIHce 2012: Booth #1222
We're gearing up for the AIHce show in Indianapolis in June. If you're there, be sure to stop by Booth #1222. We'll be bringing our latest instruments, and doing live demonstrations of the TSI PortaCount system, 3M Quest noise and sound level meters, and the Sensidyne Gilian GilAir Plus personal sampling pump.

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Effective January 1, 2012, RAECO Rents is now its own company.

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Respirator Fit Testing 101: Frequently Asked Questions

Since the beginning of RAECO Rents, the most frequently rented instrument has been the TSI PortaCount quantitative respirator fit testing system. And with those frequent rentals come the two very common questions.

Question 1: What equipment do I need to do a fit test?

Answer: You need (1) the TSI PortaCount fit testing system, (2) your own masks, and (3) mask adapters that connect your individual mask type to the PortaCount. To fit test disposable masks, you don’t need any special adapter, just the sample push probes that come with the TSI 8038 kit.

You can buy mask adapters from RAECO Rents and keep them for your annual tests. We also have a few of the most popular mask adapters available for rent for $10 per day or $30 per week. Including adapters to fit 3M, Avon, North, Scott, and Survivair masks.

Question 2: What’s a Fit Factor? And which fit factor “pass value” should I use for my tests?

Answer: Fit factor is a numeric estimate of the fit of a particular respirator or mask to a specific person. It gives a ratio of the concentration of a substance in ambient air to the concentration that leaks into the respirator or mask during testing.

When you’re talking about fit factors and the PortaCount system, it’s the calculation the fit testing system makes during the simulation exercise.

Fit Factor=Concentration of challenge aerosol
            outside the respirator            
Aerosol concentration that leaks into
the respirator during the test.

Testers use the fit factor as “numeric proof” to show (a) that the person is using the proper mask for their face shape, and (b) that they can put the mask on repeatedly and achieve the same fit results. It gives repeatable, quantitative evidence that a user is properly protected in a hazardous environment.

OSHA requires that people wearing full face respirators must be able to minimally achieve a Fit Factor of 500 or better. For half face masks, the fit factor must be 100 or above. These numbers are the default fit factor pass values used by the TSI PortaCount Pro 8030 and PortaCount Pro+ 8038 systems. Your specific industry may have more strict requirements, and require a higher fit factor.

The reason so many organizations that use masks choose the TSI PortaCount is that the quantitative fit testing system is capable of measuring fit factors of 10,000 and higher. The qualitative testing systems, those that use Bitrex or Saccharine, can only achieve a fit factor of 100 at best.

More affordable shipping!

In our efforts to improve service, we've found that shipping is a great place to help our customers save. Instead of requiring that all rentals ship overnight both to you and back, we'll do our best to keep shipping costs low. Unless the schedule demands an overnight shipment to get the rental instruments to you on time, we'll ship to you by less costly UPS methods, and ask you to return the instruments the same way.

Gently-used industrial hygiene and safety instruments for sale

Looking for low-cost IH and safety instruments? Willing to buy a gently-used rental? We've posted a list of gently-used instruments on the RAECO website. Check it out. Then, call us at 866-736-8347 and make us an offer!

Matt's Chocolate Chip Cookies in every rental kit! It's like Cracker Jack: A treat inside every box!

Our goal at RAECO Rents is to treat you right, and that includes everything from top-brand instruments to affordable shipping to goodies in every rental kit. Look for the Matt's chocolate chip cookie in the case with your next rental. Isn't it cool? A local bakery named their company after me!

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