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September 2012
Matt DeLacluyse, RAECO Rents business development manager

Have you seen the tattoo-like things showing up on our rental units? It's not my last-ditch effort to decorate.

If you have a QR code reader on your iPhone or Android, aim your phone's camera at the image, click the button, and watch what happens.

sample QR code at RaecoRents.com

Your phone's browser should now be pointing at the Honeywell SPM gas monitor on RaecoRents.com.

Don't have a smart phone or a QR code reader app? Just enter the URL below the image into your PC's browser. It'll take you to the same place.

The goal is this: If you're out in the field and misplace a manual, or need an update to companion software, or want to watch a training video, you don't have to search the web to find it.

And really, that's what RAECO Rents is all about: No hassles solutions for your IH and safety applications.

Stay safe,

FREE return shipping!
Every time you rent with us, at RaecoRents.com or by phone, we'll pay the return shipping. Your box will include a pre-paid return label and packing tape, so all you have to do is close the box and drop it at your nearest UPS location.

Can’t find an item you need on our website? Call 866-736-8347 and we’ll find it for you.

Buy gently-used instruments.

Looking for low-cost IH and safety instruments? Check out our gently-used instruments list.
Then, call 866-736-8347 and
make us an offer!

Everybody makes mistakes.

It’s how you correct them that matters!

Most rentals go off without a hitch but then there are some that don’t go smoothly. No matter the source of the error, the RAECO Rents Instant On Guarantee says we'll do everything within our power to correct these mistakes to our customers’ satisfaction.

Case 1: The wrong mask adapter for the project.

One of our customers was hired to perform respirator mask fit testing. He ordered the mask adapter he thought fit the job, but found out he was mistaken only after he got to his client’s location. We didn’t have the adapter in stock, but were able to have one shipped overnight to the client location from TSI. The customer was grateful we helped him get the right adapter so he could finish his tests.

Lesson: We share in your success and failure. If you can’t perform your job the way you expected, we’ll help you get what you need to do so.

Case 2: Sometimes, instruments malfunction.

Another customer rented a fit test system, and though it passed our checkout inspection, it wasn’t working properly on-site. Because the customer was local, we were able to courier a replacement system to him the same day. As part of our Instant On Guarantee, the replacement and the same-day delivery were covered at no cost to the customer. (If he wasn’t in courier range, we would have taking the instrument to O’Hare, put the device on a plane, and gotten it to him the same day, all at our cost, of course.)

Case 3: What can I say? I messed up!

A couple weeks ago, a Milwaukee customer placed a rental order to ship UPS Ground. Normally, ground shipments from our Chicago area office to Milwaukee arrive the next day, but sometimes, they get delayed. And even though I'd shipped it a day early, I made a mistake in shipping, and the unit didn’t arrive on time.

When my customer called the night before her testing, to tell me the unit didn't arrive, I drove back to our office to pick up an identical unit. The next morning, I drove north, and met her on the way to her customer. She was able to follow through with her testing as planned, and experienced no delay as a result of my error.

Think about the last time you had trouble with a rental.

Did your rental house do everything they could to help you get your job done? Did you have to jump through a lot of hoops, or did the rental SERVICE live up to its name? At RAECO Rents, that’s our goal.

And that's just the start. There's plenty more to come, so check back often.

Honeywell SPM toxic gas monitor now available to rent!

Honeywell MDA Scientific SPM

Honeywell's (MDA Scientific) SPM single point gas monitor removes the concern associated with basic toxic gas units — it eliminates the issues of environmental conditions or other chemicals that could interfere with accurate detection.

RAECO Rents offers the battery-powered version of the SPM, for use in perimeter and fenceline monitoring, surveys, ventilation and exhaust system testing, outdoor areas, and gas storage areas. Most often used to detect diisocyanates like MDI and TDI, or for hydrogen sulfide and ammonia leaks, the SPM can be ordered with Chemcassettes for more than 50 different gases.

Rental Rates: Daily: $220 / Weekly: $650 / Monthly: $1700

Learn more about the Honeywell SPM target-gas monitor.

More TSI mask adapters available to rent!
For our TSI PortaCount fit test system users, we've also added more mask adapters to our rental fleet. You can now rent the TSI 8025-14 for MSA Comfo and Advantage half- or full-face masks, or the TSI 8025-31 for MSA FireHawk®, BlackHawk®, and Airhawk® respirators that use either the push-to-connect or slide version connector on the front of the mask.

Matt's Chocolate Chip Cookies in every rental kit! It's like Cracker Jack: A treat inside every box!

RAECO Rents goal is to treat you right, from providing top-brand instruments to affordable shipping to goodies in every rental kit. Look for the Matt's chocolate chip cookie in the case with your next rental. Isn't it cool? A local bakery named their company after me!

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