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June 2013
Matt DeLacluyse, RAECO Rents business development manager

Last month, at AIHce, I had a chance to talk to several customers about RAECO Rents’ services.

The recurring comment was that it would make renting even easier if we provide quick-start guides for our instrumentation. Manufacturers are good about providing comprehensive device manuals, but that’s often overkill when you just want to get going quickly and start your tests.

So, wherever they’re available to us, we’ll make instrument quick start guides available to you: both included in your rental kit, and available 24/7 on the instrument’s page of our website.

We’re always looking for ways to make your job easier and improve our service, so if you have any suggestions, please email me, and I’ll do my best to accommodate your request.

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Helping customers any way we can

Typically, calls coming into our office sound like this, "Hey Matt, I need a handheld PID for the next week to test this work area." But sometimes, customers have special needs for non-standard projects or need help on how to use our rental equipment.

Earlier this year, for instance, an industrial hygiene consultant called and  wanted to use our new Gilian GilAir Plus air sampling pumps, but wasn't sure they'd fit her project.

The spec sheet reports an 8-hour minimum runtime, which would normally be enough for shift work. But in this case, she needed assurance that the pump would survive a 12-hour use on a single battery charge. So, to answer her question, we sent two units for her to test. With testing, she was able to prove that these pumps would, with certainty, perform as she needed.

Just last month, another industrial hygienist called me looking for an Ion Science PhoCheck Tiger PID for an AIHce session he was preparing on tracer techniques in building investigations.

We were more than glad to provide the devices so he could run the tests he used as source material in his presentation.

I continue to learn more every day about how RAECO Rents' customers use our equipment to solve problems in the workplace and our environment.

If you're working on a project, feel free to call and ask us for help. We're here to make your job easier.

How do we measure up?

To us, rental service starts long before you get the equipment on site. It's about ease of ordering, communication, and answering all your questions.

As one consultant reported: "We evaluated several companies prior to selecting RAECO Rents as a business partner. The products are relatively the same. Price was an issue, but it’s more than that. You aways pick up the phone. So we gave you a try. You’ve been easy to work with and you offer reasonable pricing with good service."

Having trouble downloading your data from our instrument because you can’t load the software on your PC, or you’re having computer technical issues? Give us a call and we will help troubleshoot the situation. If we can’t help you in a reasonable amount of time, send back the instrument with a note in the case and we will do it for you.

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Matt's Chocolate Chip Cookies in every rental kit! It's like Cracker Jack: A treat inside every box!

RAECO Rents goal is to treat you right, from providing top-brand instruments to affordable shipping to goodies in every rental kit. Look for the Matt's chocolate chip cookie in the case with your next rental. Isn't it cool? A local bakery named their company after me!

Can’t find something you need on our website? Call 866-736-8347 and we’ll find it for you.

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