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July 2013
Matt DeLacluyse, RAECO Rents business development manager

You’ve heard me say this many times: At RAECO Rents, we strive to make your rental experience easier. Part of that commitment is in making sure that when you rent, you have all the necessary accessories or consumables. Finding out on the day of testing only wastes your time and money, and adds frustration that just doesn’t need to be.

We often hear from customers that they’ve switched to RAECO Rents after some other rental company let them down. Last week, for example, a customer had rented a telemetry system from another rental house. They “forgot to mention” that he needed to rent an essential additional item to make sure his test could be done.

At RAECO Rents, we’ll take the time to talk to you and fully understand how you’re using our products. That way, we can be absolutely sure you’re going to have what you need to do the job correctly, without delay, and without aggravation.

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Free Round-Trip Shipping!

Through the end of 2013, RAECO Rents is now offering free round-trip UPS Ground shipping on rentals of one week or longer. You don’t have to request it or fill out any forms. As long as your order qualifies, it ships Ground for free.

If you need the rental faster than UPS Ground from Bensenville IL allows, you only pay the difference for the upgraded delivery, and only on the way to you. It’ll still ship back to us UPS Ground for free. And, as usual, we’ll include the pre-paid return shipping label with your rental kit. Just seal the box and drop it at the nearest UPS location or affiliate.

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Offer good on qualifying rentals booked and shipped through 12/31/2013, and valid only on instruments originating from RAECO Rents service locations.

Heat stress: It’s not just about the outdoors!

Here in Chicago in July, the temperature's been all over the charts. We experienced a string of very hot, humid days, followed by a week that included the coolest July days on record. So, do you worry about heat stress issues when you’re grabbing your jacket for the picnic? Absolutely!

First thing to remember is this: Historically, August ranks second in hottest average weather after July. But more importantly, it’s not just outdoor temperatures that cause heat stress. Indoor environments are subject to extreme heats, too. We often get calls from bakeries and steel mills asking about heat stress monitors for their manufacturing processes. And any warehouse without proper air flow can be subject to above-average extended temperatures.

For area heat stress, we offer the 3M QuesTemp 36 and QuesTemp 46 portable monitors. For worker exposure limits, check out 3M's QuesTemp II.

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Air balancing, air conditioning, and worker comfort

Are there areas in your workplace that are colder than others when the AC kicks on? Do you know that this can raise your energy costs unnecessarily (not to mention add worker complaints)?

In our offices, some employees want to turn the thermostat down while others are wearing jackets. Or someone turns the thermostat up, and all the personal fans come on. Is your workplace like ours?

Jackets or sweaters and desk fans have their place, but the real solution is to take some time with an air capture hood to check to air flow to and from the registers and use dampers to get the ventilation system balanced. Rent the Alnor EBT 731 or the low flow 6200D balometer and solve the thermostat roller coaster today.

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Matt's Chocolate Chip Cookies in every rental kit! It's like Cracker Jack: A treat inside every box!

RAECO Rents goal is to treat you right, from providing top-brand instruments to affordable shipping to goodies in every rental kit. Look for the Matt's chocolate chip cookie in the case with your next rental. Isn't it cool? A local bakery named their company after me!

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