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August 2013
Matt DeLacluyse, RAECO Rents business development manager

It's almost the end of August, my kids are back in school, and the summer vacations are all but over.

But the outdoor weather is still prime for concerts and construction. So I'm focusing this issue of the Rents E-news on noise and perimeter dust monitoring applications.

Speaking of noise, I had the opportunity to test these great earplugs earlier this summer and I highly recommend them.

ETY ear plugs

The ETY ER20 series are comfortable to wear, and they reduce sound by up to 20 dB across all frequencies, so they protect your hearing without muffling the important sounds (in my case, a great concert with my brother).

I'm wondering if customers would be interesting in RAECO Rents making these available for sale, for use in noisy projects. What do you think?

Stay safe,

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Using perimeter monitoring to work with local municipalities and concerned citizens

Lately, I've been following the news about the growing frac sand industry in Wisconsin and Minnesota. What I've noticed most is how very polarizing this industry is. Community members are either all for it, citing the addition of jobs and the influx of new money into the area or they're concerned by the increased environmental problems caused by the construction, mining, and delivery.

Too much dust, too much noise, and growing concerns over the long-term health dangers are driving people to get very vocal and active about the air quality in their environments.

Right now, the frac sand industry isn't regulated similarly across states. For example, Minnesota has a set of regulations specific to silica sand; Wisconsin's regulation treats it like any other non-metallic sand, even though long-term exposure to silica dust has been shown to cause disease.

The construction industry is more regulated. The EPA has standards for dust emissions at construction sites. And while construction noise isn't regulated nationally, individual cities tend to have their own regulations and standards for monitoring and managing the environmental noise at a construction site.

By using a perimeter monitoring system to keep track of dust emissions, noise, and gases, you show the community that you're aware of their concerns. And, as a concerned member of their business community, you're interested in protecting their healthy environments. It also protects your business interests at the same time.

With RAECO Rents' perimeter monitoring rental kit, you get the ability to monitor dust, noise, and gas emissions through a secure web portal, and view it on your PC, cell phone, or tablet using a standard web browser. You can also grant other people, like community government or concerned citizens, access to view your site monitoring system.

Since each application is unique, we've build a quick quote form just for perimeter monitoring applications.

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When do you need hearing protection?

One in 10 Americans has hearing loss that affects their ability to understand normal speech. While you may not be able to prevent being in a noisy environment, you can protect your hearing from the cumulative damage that repeated exposure to excessive noise can cause.

When do you need to take action? At what point do you need to add hearing protection gear or limit exposure?

30Soft whisper100Chainsaw, snowmobile, drill
50Rain110Power saw
60Normal conversation, computer typing115Loud rock concert, sandblasting, car horns
70Expressway traffic130Race cars
85Hearing protection is recommended for prolonged exposure at this level or above150Fireworks, jet engine takeoff
90Subway, lawn mower, shop tools170Shotgun

RAECO Rents can help with area exposure sound level meters and personal exposure noise dosimeters, so you know exactly when to implement hearing protection protocols.

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Free round-trip shipping for 2013!

Through the end of 2013, RAECO Rents is now offering free round-trip UPS Ground shipping on rentals of one week or longer. You don’t have to request it or fill out any forms. As long as your order qualifies, it ships Ground for free.

If you need the rental faster than UPS Ground from Bensenville IL allows, you only pay the difference for the upgraded delivery, and only on the way to you. It’ll still ship back to us UPS Ground for free. And, as usual, we’ll include the pre-paid return shipping label with your rental kit. Just seal the box and drop it at the nearest UPS location or affiliate.

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Offer good on qualifying rentals booked and shipped through 12/31/2013, and valid only on instruments originating from RAECO Rents service locations.

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RAECO Rents goal is to treat you right, from providing top-brand instruments to affordable shipping to goodies in every rental kit. Look for the Matt's chocolate chip cookie in the case with your next rental. Isn't it cool? A local bakery named their company after me!

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