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October 2013
Matt DeLacluyse, RAECO Rents business development manager

At first glance, today’s topics, emissions testing and air balancing don’t have much in common. But they share somewhat common goals: to reduce emissions and energy consumption and save money.

Sending properly conditioned heated or cooled air to the right locations in the right amounts helps reduce energy costs. Monitoring and tuning engines and furnaces to run efficiently and produce fewer emissions further reduces energy costs and the possibility of harm to workers and the environment.

By balancing air handling system and running efficiency tests on boilers, furnaces or generators, we can spend less on energy and make people more comfortable and healthy in indoor environments.

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Comply with Clean Air Act engine testing regulations

As I prepared for this e-news, I read through National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutions (NESHAP) 40 CFR 63 Subpart ZZZZ (quad Z), and the New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) 40 CFR 60 Subpart JJJJ (quad J) to understand the requirements, I realized that I might never fully understand the fine details of the Clean Air Act and how it applies to our customers.

But, what is becoming clear to me is that Testo has designed features into their 350 emissions analyzer to test and record for compliance to these latest regulations. The 350 electrochemical emissions analyzer can greatly reduce the hardware and software needed, and make datalogging and review easier.

The new regulation requires pre- and post-catalyst testing of the exhaust gas on a simultaneous basis. The typical solution in the past was to use two separate trucks with separate analyzers. Separate data acquisitions systems were also used to join the data for review and reporting.

Testo 350 screen with two displaysWith the Testo 350, two analyzers can be linked to display the catalyst measurements. It's simple, and the system cost is substantially lower than the traditional trailer mounted testing rigs.

It starts by connecting two probes and analyzer boxes to the exhaust stack. Each analyzer is specifically configured for the different gas conditions found in pre- and post-catalyst exhaust gas. Then both analyzers are connected to the handheld control unit. The high definition graphic display in the control unit shows the side-by-side measurements.

When you know the actual pre- and post-catalyst measurement in real time, data collection and interpretation is much easier. The next critical requirement, managing data, uses Testo easyEmission software’s power. It can display the simultaneous measurements in a variety of formats with simple two analyzer operation, it has the ability to display measurements of up to 16 analyzer boxes for the ultimate in simultaneous, multi-unit testing.

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Our partners at Raeco.com have some great materials about using Testo easyEmissions software for engine testing. Watch a pre-recorded webinar and download the slides to learn more.

Want to learn more about the new standards for engine testing?
Read more at EPA.gov.

HVAC balancing increases comfort, saves energy costs

I was visiting an office recently, and saw a fairly typical situation. Part of the building has high ceilings and ceiling fans to move the air. Another part of the building is newer, has low ceilings, and no windows for natural air flow.

Walking around, I noticed most workers had either personal fans or space heaters at their desks, and jackets draped over the backs of their chairs. Why? Because when one part of the building is warm, the other part is cold. And instead of taking the time to properly balancing the air flow through the HVAC system, the workers were fending for themselves… and adding to the energy costs with their additional individual temperature controls.

Uneven temperatures are a prime indicator that the system is out of balance and you may be throwing away your energy budget. Balancing air flow from an HVAC system will help your heating and air conditioning dollars go further, and promote a more comfortable workplace.

An HVAC system will not warm or cool a space properly without balancing it first. Balanced air flow will make the space more comfortable throughout, and the more efficient operation will lead to lower utility bills.

First, find the largest temperature fluctuations. An overall inspection of the site will identify areas that seem too warm or too cold. Check to make sure all air registers are open and unobstructed. Adjust air vent and duct levers to provide more or less air flow, as needed.

For quantitative analysis, you can use the TSI Alnor 6200D low flow air balancing hood or the EBT731 electronic balancing tool.

Start by opening all in-line dampers, the duct work, and dampers at the registers. Back off the dampers leading to registers closest to the HVAC system to force more air to the areas farther away from the unit. Then, use the balometer to adjust dampers till the air flow reaching the furthest locations is balanced to the levels closest to the HVAC unit. This produces a more comfortable temperature in all locations, and helps reduce your energy costs.

Before the winter sets in, now’s the time to test your HVAC air flow and make sure your staff is comfortable and your energy budget is well spent.

Learn more about TSI Alnor balometers
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