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May 2014
Matt DeLacluyse, RAECO Rents business development manager

Lately I have been thinking a lot about indoor air quality. I’m currently getting quotes on a new home HVAC system. My current setup is original to the house, and aside from being 25 years old, it lacks the IAQ elements that I want. There was no home humidifier (I added one), and the filter holder on the system doesn’t hold the filter in a position to do any good.

Today’s thermostats can control temperature and program modes for weekday and time of day. They can also connect to the filtration systems, the humidifier, and multiple wireless temperature sensors that can be placed throughout the house.

I trust my HVAC specialist will do a great job. Still, I’ll likely use a couple of our IAQ instruments to run before/after studies, to see how effective our changes are, and figure out my return on this investment.

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IAQ Testing for Comfort and Health

Lately, the team here at RAECO Rents has been taking a lot of calls about indoor air quality issues.

One consultant was doing a follow-up study on a new building, looking at potential VOC levels from insulation, paint, new furnishings, wall coverings, and office equipment. Another was checking on complaints from a smoke-free office building, to see if the outdoor smoker area needed to be moved further from the entrance.

In an effort to increase energy efficiency of our ventilation systems by recycling the indoor air and build with materials that reduce heating and cooling costs, we've inadvertently produced an environment where the air isn't as clean or fresh as it could be. And this is leading to a multitude of comfort and safety issues for workers.

TSI has produced a fantastic resource on IAQ monitoring. The IAQ Handbook talks about building and ventilation design, air quality standards, pollutants, and how to measure for them. This free e-book covers why and how to measure temperature, humidity, air movement and flow, ventilation, carbon monoxide, airborne particles, ultrafine particles, bioaerosols, and chemical condensates, and explains the standard or guideline for each.

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Did you know...

When you rent a TSI PortaCount Pro respirator fit test system from RAECO Rents, we include two key accessories in your rental kit at no extra charge to you. One is the mask adapter that connects the PortaCount to your particular respirator. The other is the TSI particle generator. The mask adapters are critical: You can't run a test without them. The particle generator is becoming more and more necessary, as building ventilation systems run with HEPA filters, and are filtering out the trace environmental particles necessary to run a test.

Early Training Helps Prevent Heat-Related Illnesses

Already this year, the US recorded the earliest 100° day. And though we haven't seen anything that extreme outdoors in the Midwest, our warehouses and factories are heating up. And if a worker isn't used to being in, let alone working in, these higher temperatures, the effects of heat-related illnesses can set in quickly.

To help protect workers, employers can train staff to be aware of heat stress issue, plus provide frequent breaks, plenty of liquids, and monitoring workers for symptoms of heat stress.  (Common symptoms include headaches, dizziness, fainting, weakness or wet skin, irritability or confusion.) 

This chart, from OSHA’s website, provides a basic guideline for risk levels and protective measures. Click the links for OSHA recommendations for worker health and safety in high temperature environments.

Heat Index Risk Level Protective Measures
< 91°F Lower Basic heat safety and planning
91° to 103°F Moderate Implement precautions, heighten awareness
103° to 115°F High Additional precautions to protect workers
>115°F Extreme Triggers aggressive protective measures

To learn more, read OSHA's employer guide to using the heat index.


3M QuestTemp II personal heat stress monitor

3M QuestTemp products are designed to provide the data to monitor these situations and take action based on their readings.

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