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June 2014
Matt DeLacluyse, RAECO Rents business development manager

When my last e-news mailed, I was gearing up for AIHce 2014 in San Antonio. But on arrival in Texas, I found myself too ill to attend the Expo, and returned home.

I'd like to thank John Greivell, RAECO's vice president, and my dad and mentor, Bob DeLacluyse, for manning our Expo booth. I felt better knowing our current and potential customers were in such good hands.

The team came back from Texas fueled with ideas on how to continue improving rental services for you. What do we have in mind? See Bob's recap of the event at the RAECO Rents blog.

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Sometimes, it makes sense to rent, and other times, it's as effective for you to buy measurement instruments, like Testo's PocketPro line of low-cost portable test meters.

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One Instrument to Measure and Record Noise

Svantek SV104 personal noise dosimeterSituation: You've run an eight-hour noise exposure test, and at about 4:45 through, there's a major spike in the noise data. But when you ask the employee where he was, or what he was doing, he can't remember.

What can you do? What about recording sounds that exceed a threshold and saving it with your measurement data?

The Svantek SV-104 personal noise dosimeter does just that! Plus, it lets you record voice comments (before or after testing) right on the unit, making it ideal for noise exposure studies.

This cable-free unit can run three independent acoustic profiles (ACGIH, OSHA HC, and OSHA PEL) at once, includes 8GB for datalogging, voice memos, and sound recordings, has a built-in accelerometer for vibration shock detection, and can run up to 40 hours of continuous testing on its NiMH battery pack. It charges and transfers data to a PC using a USB cable only — no special docking station required.

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Did you know...

When you're renting test instruments, it's important your rental team knows how long your test will run. That way, if there's a need for AC line power or extended/rechargeable batteries, they're included in your rental kit.

That's why the RAECO Rents team asks about the details of your test. It's not just about measurement range. Your success depends on us covering all the details, from range and accuracy to datalogging, reporting, and calibration documents.

Importance of Field Calibration

Frequent use can cause measurement instruments to stray from critical accuracy standards. Regular calibration ensures that your device performance stays consistent, and can be trusted for survey and test results and the decisions you make from them.

As part of our standard practice, RAECO Rents technicians bench-test instruments before they ship to you.

Still, best practices suggest that you run a field calibration before and after each use, to validate your test data and ensure the instrument performed as expected. If your regulatory compliance reporting relies on detector data, it's critical that you be able to prove their proper operation and calibration.

These calibration tools are available from RAECO Rents, for use with your long-term rental instruments:

  • Calibrators for air flow monitoringPersonal sampling pumps should be calibrated before and after each use (Pre-cal and Post-cal). Flow calibrators are used to adjust and measure the flow rate of air sampling instruments and the attached tubing and test media, and verify that the results stay within a percentage of the programmed or expected flow rate.
  • Automatic bump test and calibration station for BW Technologies gas monitorsA bump test, or functional test, involves exposing a detector to a gas concentration that exceeds the units alarm setpoints, testing the sensors ability to respond. In this test, you're verifying that the gas path is not blocked, and that audible and visual alarms are activated, confirming that the sensor responds appropriately to the gas presented. The bump test procedure is simple, usually taking less than a minute to perform, and is recommended before each day's use.
  • 3M acoustic calibratorA sound calibrator emits an accurate and stable tone at a single frequency and level, so you can check the meter's performance against a known standard. Many regulations state that you should run this calibration prior to making any measurements for compliance reporting projects.

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RAECO Rents goal is to treat you right, from providing top-brand instruments to affordable shipping to goodies in every rental kit. Look for the Matt's chocolate chip cookie in the case with your next rental. Isn't it cool? A local bakery named their company after me!

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