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February 2015
Matt DeLacluyse, RAECO Rents business development manager

Meeting your expectations. It's what we strive to do every day. But that's not good enough to be your Ultimate Rental Experience. So we're refining our systems, upgrading our inventory, and always looking for ways to make your job easier.

Last month, I mentioned our Utah warehouse, now up and running, saving our western states customers on their shipping costs.

This month, it's about having our most popular products available when you need them. Check out the lead story, and then look in our new catalog and on our website for the "Guaranteed In Stock" logo.

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Popular models in stock at RAECO Rents for week or longer rentals
You need it? We've got it! We promise!

When we talk about the Ultimate Rental Experience, one element comes to the forefront: If we don't have the rental kit you need when you need it, your job gets harder.

So, to help you save time and cut down on the calls you make to find your instrumentation, we'll make sure these instruments will be available any day you specify for every rental of a week or longer.

  • 3M Edge cordless personal noise dosimeters
  • TSI PortaCount Pro respirator fit test systems
  • TSI Alnor EBT731 electronic balancing tools
  • TSI DustTrak airborne particulate monitors
  • E Instruments BTU4400 flue gas analyzers

If we can't deliver on our promise, you'll get $250 off your next rental.

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Look for the "Guaranteed In Stock" banner on all qualifying product pages.

Balancing Energy Costs with Comfort

TSI Q-Trak indoor air quality monitorEnergy audits for homes and commercial buildings focus solely on that: increasing energy efficiency for the purpose of decreasing gas and electric bills. And while insulating and sealing a building to spend less on the energy to heat or cool a building is a great idea, it can also cause health and comfort concerns.

Not only are you sealing in heat or cool air, you can also be sealing in the pollutants generated inside the space. And when these pollutants (CO, CO2, smoke, germs, VOCs, moisture) aren't managed with a properly tuned ventilation system, inhabitants and workers can be drowsy, get sick more frequently, get headaches. Whatever the symptoms they experience, they're less comfortable, happy, and productive.

If worker comfort complaints or sick time are on the rise at your location, you can easily see if the environment is playing a role by measuring carbon dioxide in the air. Indoor CO2 levels are directly affected and elevated by several sources: heating systems, water heaters, dryers, or other gas or fuel-burning appliance in the area, the number of people in the building, outdoor sources like nearby parking garages.

The TSI Q-Trak 7565 indoor air quality meter measures CO, CO2, temperature, and humidity with a single probe and calculates dewpoint, wet bulb temperature, and percent outside air. It can help you determine the CO2 level in each area of a building to see if you need to make changes to your ventilation or air circulation systems.

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