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April 2015
Matt DeLacluyse, RAECO Rents business development manager

It's springtime in Chicago, which means one day, we're out enjoying the weather, and other days we're stuck indoors waiting for the sunshine and warmth to return.

So, this month brings you a reminder of OSHA regulations, including heat stress recommendations and confined space monitoring regulations.

We're also gearing up for an exciting summer, kicking off with the AIHce event in Salt Lake City. I hope we'll see you there.

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AIHce 2015

Are you planning to attend AIHce this spring in Salt Lake City? We’ll be there, and we'd love to meet you!

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Quick AIHce Update

I'm excited to announce that I'll be presenting, alongside John Greivell of RAECO, at the AIHce Expo this year. We'll be talking about the proper selection and use of direct reading instruments.

Direct reading instruments can be used to detect a wide range of gases, vapors, particles, noise and heat. Their data can support good decision-making when you are aware of the instrument's capabilities and limitations and you understand what the data is actually telling you. It's not magic, and there's no one-device-fits-all solution to your application needs. So how do you choose the right one for your application?

Mark your calendar and join us!
Tuesday, June 2 at 1:30 pm in the Expo Learning Pavilion.

Get Ready for the Heat of Summer

It's been a cool spring, but the extreme temperatures of summer will be on us soon. Factories and warehouses that benefitted from the cooling of winter are starting to see the heat rise already. And if a worker isn't used to being in, let alone working in, these higher temperatures, the effects of heat-related illnesses can set in quickly.

This chart, from OSHA’s website, provides a basic guideline for risk levels and protective measures. Click the links for OSHA recommendations for worker health and safety in high temperature environments.

Heat Index Risk Level Protective Measures
< 91°F Lower Basic heat safety and planning
91° to 103°F Moderate Implement precautions, heighten awareness
103° to 115°F High Additional precautions to protect workers
>115°F Extreme Triggers aggressive protective measures

To learn more, read OSHA's employer guide to using the heat index.


3M QuestTemp II personal heat stress monitor

3M QuestTemp products are designed to provide the data to monitor these situations and take action based on their readings.

When you’re ready to put your heat stress management plan into action, call RAECO Rents at 866-736-8347 for area and personal heat stress monitors.

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Meeting OSHA Confined Space Safety Rules

An article came across my desk recenty that caught my eye. A scrap metal processing company in the Midwest was recently fined more than $350,000 by OSHA for safety violations.

Among its list of violations was the company's failure to follow OSHA confined space safety regulations, including that the company failed to use the proper gas monitoring equipment to test the environment before worker entry. According to the OSHA regulation, the company is require to test the workplace atmosphere for oxygen, combustible gases, toxic gases and vapors, but failed to do so.

Image: RAECO Rents RAE Systems Gas MonitorsRAECO Rents offers the direct-reading gas monitors that accomplish exactly these tasks. From single gas to multigas, oxygen, combustibles, and toxics, we can help provide the instrumentation that helps you stay in compliance with OSHA regulations.

And since our partners at RAECO are the authorized distributor for Honeywell gas detection monitors, including RAE Systems and BW Technologies, we have quick access to the quantities and models you need.

See our broad offering of gas detection and monitoring instruments:

Learn more about perimeter dust monitoring kits
Download the OSHA Fact Sheet: Procedures for Atmospheric Testing in Confined Spaces

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