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June 2015
Matt DeLacluyse, RAECO Rents business development manager

It's finally summer! Here in Chicago, that means going from the heat of outdoors to varying levels of air conditioning in our homes, our cars, and our workplaces.

So, this month, we're focusing the e-news on tuning up ventilation for optimal efficiency and energy savings. And, as a reminder to customers running annual respirator fit tests, we cover the reasons you may be seeing exceedingly high or low fit factor numbers.

We have lots planned for the rest of summer 2015. Watch our website for new products, videos, and technical tips.

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Sometimes, it makes sense to rent, and other times, it's as effective for you to buy measurement instruments, like Testo's PocketPro line of low-cost portable test meters.

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Ventilation Tuneups for Summer

Ventilation testing and balancing tools

With summer in full force, you'll find your building or plant ventilation and air conditioning systems running more often than not. It's not easy balancing keeping your employees healthy and comfortable with the task of holding down energy costs.

Before summer temperatures really get out of hand, you may want to consider inspecting your ventilation system to ensure proper air flow.

Sending properly conditioned cooled air to the right locations in the right amounts helps reduce energy costs. Restricted or limited airflow places an unnecessary strain on a ventilation system that can lead to increased repairs and a shortened lifespan.

By balancing air handling system, we can spend less on energy and make people more comfortable and healthy in indoor environments. 

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Respirator Fit Testing: Fit Factor Problems

Since the beginning of RAECO Rents, the most frequently rented instrument has been the TSI PortaCount quantitative respirator fit testing system, particulary in summer, when teaching hospitals take on their new classes of medical students, nurses, interns, and residents. With those frequent rentals come some common questions regarding fit factor.

What's a fit factor?

Fit factor is a numeric estimate of the fit of a particular respirator or mask to a specific person. It gives a ratio of the concentration of a substance in ambient air to the concentration that leaks into the respirator or mask during testing.

OSHA requires that people wearing full face respirators must be able to minimally achieve a Fit Factor of 500 or better. For half face masks, the fit factor must be 100 or above. Your specific industry may have more strict requirements, and require a higher fit factor. Qualitative testing systems that use Bitrex or Saccharine can only achieve a fit factor of 100 at best.

What if my fit factor is low?

There are several reasons you may get a very low fit factor, or a factor of 1.

  • Your respirator may not be equipped with a HEPA, Class 99, Class 100, or P3 filter. Make sure you're using the right filter for testing
  • The respirator may have leaks, loose filters, or a malfunctioning exhalation valve. Check the condition of your respirator, and repair or replace as needed.
  • The Twin Tube assembly may be disconnected. Make sure it's connected properly to both the port on the fit test system and your respirator sampling port.
  • The sample tube is too long. Use a standard five-foot tube. Longer tubes can prevent purging between the ambient and mask sample.
  • You may have an alcohol level problem. Make sure the alcohol cartridge is properly filled and inserted tightly into your fit test system.

What if my fit factor is high?

Sometimes, you'll see a fit factor result of 100,000 or more. These suspiciously high fit factor on a full- or half-face mask can indicate a problem. Here are some things to check:

  • Make sure your mask fit test adapter is correctly assembled.
  • Make sure the sample tube is positioned correctly inside your mask.
  • Check the sample tube to make sure it isn't twisted or blocked.
  • Enable the "High Fit Factor Warning" in FitPro or FitPlus software to alert you if something might be wrong during a test. It won't stop your test, just indicate that you may want to retest or look for other issues.

If you have other questions about fit testing, check out our fit test video training series, or call 866-736-8347 and ask our team.

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If FedEx or UPS deliver to your location, so can we! Let us know where it's most convenient to receive your rental — your plant or office, the job site, a hotel — and we'll get it there when you need it, with enough time to familiarize yourself with the new equipment.

No time to drive to a UPS facility to return the box? Let us know, and we'll issue a UPS call tag to pick up the rental at your hotel.

Save on gently used instruments!

It's time for us to upgrade our rental pool, adding new instruments, and upgrading older units to their new replacements. That provides you with an opportunity to buy top quality instruments at reduced prices.

Here's a partial list of what's available:

  • Fit testing, ventilation testing, particulate monitoring, and indoor air quality instruments from TSI and Alnor
  • Personal single and multigas detectors from BW Technologies
  • Air sampling pumps from Sensidyne Gilian
  • Emissions analyzers from Testo

Check out our list of gently used portable instruments for industrial hygiene and safety and make us an offer.

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