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August 2015
Matt DeLacluyse, RAECO Rents business development manager

It's the end of August. The kids are back in school, and all our thoughts here at Raeco Rents are turned to "the year ahead" and how we can improve our service to you.

You'll find us out meeting customers at the National Safety Council Expo in Atlanta in late September. If you're attending, please stop by Booth 3186.

And we continue to add new products to the website every week, and we're working to expand our video training to make it easier for you to get your jobs done quickly.

If there's anything we can do to help you with your upcoming measurement projects, don't hesitate to call.

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RAECO Rents goal is to treat you right, from providing top-brand instruments to affordable shipping to goodies in every rental kit. Look for the Matt's chocolate chip cookie in the case with your next rental. Isn't it cool? A local bakery named their company after me!

GE TransPort PT878 Panametrics Portable Liquid Ultrasonic FlowmeterWhat Can You Learn with a
Portable Flowmeter?

We've been working with GE Panametrics clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters for several months now, and I'm always interested in hearing how and why our customers are using them, and what they expect to learn. Here are a couple of examples:

Engineers at a local gas turbine power plant needed to measure the volumetric flow of each of 18 risers at their cooling towers. Using the GE PT878 clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter, the technician was able to first check to see if there was significant straight run availability on larger pipes to get a proper flow reading. Then, he was able to set up the magnetic clamp-on fixtures and transducers at each riser, and move the portable flowmeter between them to take the necessary measurements.

At another electrical utility, the consulting engineer was asked: Can our  wastewater treatment plant handle the wastewater load all at once in real time, or do we need to store wastewater and release it incrementally for treatment? The plant had no historical data to use in answering the question, and no installed flowmeters on site. The engineer used the PT878 to calculate the daily flow rate of wastewater at four different locations in the plant within a week's time.

While he didn't tell me the results of the study, the engineer had great things to say about his PT878 rental. Even for a first-time user, he told us it was easy to program, frustation-free and easy to pull the data when he was done. He appreciated that all the required accessories were included in the kit, and mentioned that the pipe thickness gauge was especially helpful. The engineer called his rental a frustration-free success. (And we're glad we could help.)

Learn more about GE portable flowmeter applications:
Six Critical Things You Can Learn from a Flow Spot Check

These battery-operated portable GE units are avialable to rent by the day, week, or month, and come complete with compatible sensors, cables, PC software, and free online video training.

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Heat Stress: Still an Issue in Late Summer

3M QuestTemp II personal heat stress monitor

If a worker isn't used to being in or working in higher temperatures, the effects of heat-related illnesses can set in quickly. 3M QuestTemp products are designed to provide the data to monitor these heat exposure situations and help you take action based on their readings.

When you’re ready to put your heat stress management plan into action, call RAECO Rents at 866-736-8347 for area and personal heat stress monitors.

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Air Quality and Proper Ventilation Matters

TSI VelociCalc 9565Around Chicago right now, the weather can't decide if it wants to be summer or fall. It's in the low 70°s today, but expected to be around 90° a week from now. If not properly tuned and managed, your ventilation system could be wasting your money, trying to keep up with the full-blast AC, or balancing the air flow so one department isn't hot while workers in another are adding layers to stay warm.

The TSI VelociCalc 9565 ventilation test meter can help you test indoor air quality, make any necessary adjustments to your ventilation system, and reduce the spread of airborne irritants.

It's great for indoor air quality investigations, temperature comfort testing, and air flow testing, and it's available to rent with a variety of different probes, depending on your needs.

  • IAQ probe, including CO, CO2, temperature, and humidity (TSI 982)
  • Straight probe for air velocity, temperature and humidity (TSI 964)
  • Articulated probe for air velocity, temperature and humidity (TSI 966)
  • Rotating vane probe for air velocity and temperature (TSI 995)
  • Volatile organic compound (ppm VOC) and temperature probe (TSI 984)

The 9565 has been very popular with our rental customers. And, to make it even easier to use, there's now a Quick Tips guide for setup, logging test data, and taking measurements.

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Did You Know...

Many of our rental instruments come with companion software for data management and reporting. But customers tell us that sometimes corporate IT policies and PC security keep them from loading our software on their computers. Here's a possible solution for you.

For a small fee, you can rent a Windows 7 PC along with your instrument. We'll pre-load it with the software you need and the ability to print reports to PDF. Then, you just move the reports from our PC to yours by e-mail or USB stick. Need us to download the data for you? We can do that, too. Just ask!

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