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September 2015
Matt DeLacluyse, RAECO Rents business development manager

In my IT career, it was common for people to identify themselves as Unix guys, Mac OS guys, or the Windows loyal. But I figured out pretty quickly that what really mattered was which one allowed me to get my job done most effectively?

And I see it every day in our rental business. Though brand managers would like us to standardize and rent only their products, it doesn't serve you for us to do that. You've invested considerable time and energy in learning how to use a particular instrument. It doesn't help you if I say, "No, you have to use the other brand."

So, whether you're more comfortable with one brand over another for mask fit testing, portable and personal gas detectors, combustion gas analyzers, personal noise dosimeters, sampling pumps, or particulate monitors, you can rent what you need through us.

The Ultimate Rental Experience is about getting what you need and what you expect, not what makes business easiest for the rental house. So call 866-736-8347 and talk to me or a member of our rental team. We'll be glad to help you out.

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Matt's Chocolate Chip Cookies in every rental kit!
It's like Cracker Jack:
A treat inside every box!

RAECO Rents goal is to treat you right, from providing top-brand instruments to affordable shipping to goodies in every rental kit. Look for the Matt's chocolate chip cookie in the case with your next rental. Isn't it cool? A local bakery named their company after me!

Popular models in stock at RAECO Rents for week or longer rentals
You need it? We've got it! We promise!

When we talk about the Ultimate Rental Experience, one element comes to the forefront: If we don't have the rental kit you need when you need it, your job gets harder.

So, to help you save time and cut down on the calls you make to find your instrumentation, we'll make sure these instruments will be available any day you specify for every rental of a week or longer.

  • 3M Edge cordless personal noise dosimeters
  • TSI PortaCount Pro respirator fit test systems
  • TSI Alnor EBT731 electronic balancing tools
  • TSI DustTrak airborne particulate monitors
  • E Instruments BTU4400 flue gas analyzers

If we can't deliver on our promise, you'll get $250 off your next rental.

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Furnace and Ventilation Tuneups for Fall

According to the calendars, and judging by the addition of long sleeves, sweaters, and jackets here in the Midwest: Summer's officially over. And as the weather turns consistently cooler, you'll find your building or plant furnaces running on a regular basis. So it’s time to think about annual inspection and tune-up.

Rent combustion analyzers for furnace efficiency testingMonitoring and tuning engines and furnaces to run efficiently and produce fewer emissions further reduces energy costs and the possibility of harm to workers and the environment.

As you'd expect, new furnaces and boilers operate at peak efficiencies. Older equipment be 20 to 30 percent less efficient than new units. And while you can't always completely get back to "as new" efficiency, routine furnace maintenance has been shown to reduce energy costs by as much as 10 percent. 

Ventilation testing and balancing toolsSending properly conditioned heated or cooled air to the right locations in the right amounts helps reduce energy costs. Restricted or limited airflow places an unnecessary strain on a furnace that can lead to increased repairs and a shortened lifespan.

By balancing air handling system and running efficiency tests on boilers, furnaces or generators, we can spend less on energy and make people more comfortable and healthy in indoor environments. 

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New Fit Test Mask Adapter Available

MSA G1 respiratorLast year, MSA Safety released its new NFPA-certified G1 SCBA mask, designed for enhanced performance and improved ergonomics, with input directly from firefighters and other first responders who rely on these masks in their daily work.

If you're using the new G1 mask, we have the mask adapter to support your fit testing needs. Whether you choose to test with the TSI PortaCount Pro series or OHD Quantifit, we'll include the G1 mask adapter free with your fit test rental.

Add a TSI mask adapter 8025-22Q to your PortaCount rental. Add an OHD Adapter Kit #1 with your QuantiFit rental.

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Did You Know...

RAECO Rents Provides eCerts Straight to Your Email Inbox

Do you keep copies of calibration certificates for the instruments you use on projects? We've always included printed calibration certs in the rental kits of all the instruments that require factory calibration. The problem? Sometimes customers forget to make copies... or there isn't a copy machine available.

So now, it's even easier to keep track of cal certs for your projects. On the day your RAECO Rents order leaves our dock, you'll get an e-mail from us that includes PDF copies of the valid calibration certs for the instruments you'll be using. The cal certs for your rental kit come to you automatically in e-mail, so they're already digitized and easy to file with your project records.

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New RAECO Rents catalogTake an instrumentation rental guide wherever you go! Our latest catalog makes it easy for you to find the right industrial hygiene or safety instrument for your project. Inside, you'll find product specs, complete kit lists, accessories, and pricing.

Make sure we have your best mailing address, and we'll send you a copy right away.

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