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Bios Defender 520M Volumetric Primary Flow Calibration Standard

The BIOS Defender is a high accuracy primary liquid-free gas flow calibration standard that doesn’t require the use of bubbles or other liquids. Pushbutton operation and an intuitive user interface make taking flow measurements quick and easy. All you do is set your engineering unit, your temperature setting, select continuous or burst measurement, connect your flow source, and start taking your readings. It's ideal for industrial hygiene, environmental, and laboratory applications.

Use the Bios Defender 520 three-in-one to calibrate volumetric instruments, record ambient temperature and pressure conditions for your audit trail, or calibrate devices that read in mass flow.

Key Specifications

  • Flow rate: 50-5000 mL/min
  • Percent of reading accuracy supported by NVLAP NIST ISO 17025 accreditation
  • Choose between flow units — mL, L, cc, or cfm
  • Take individual readings, continuous hands-free readings, or set to read in time intervals from one to sixty minutes between readings
  • Integrated serial PC interface and software for transferring flow data to a PC, and automatic recording and graphing of flow measurements

Supporting Documentation

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