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TSI 4046 Primary Air Flow Calibrator for 2.5 to 300 LPM

The accuracy of a sampling pump depends on two things: (1) how much air passes through the sampling media and (2) good laboratory analysis. As a common practice, sampling pumps should be calibrated before and rechecked after sampling.

The TSI 4046 primary calibrator continuously shows volumetric flow rate on its clear digital display, so it's easy to make pump adjustments, calibrations, and periodic flow checks in real time. The TSI 4046 is accurate to within ±2%.

Key Specifications

  • Flow range 2.5 to 300 liters/minute
  • Continuous real-time readings for fast, easy pump adjustment and calibration
  • Field portable — use the same primary calibrator for adjustment, calibration and periodic checks
  • Comes with a NIST traceable calibration certificate
  • Battery powered, compact, and light weight

Supporting Documentation

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