E Instruments BTU900 Portable Combustion Gas Analyzer

E-Instruments affordable BTU900 combustion gas analyzer is six tools built into one handheld easy-to-use device. It’s a combustion analyzer for O2, CO, CO2, excess air, and efficiency. It’s also a carbon monoxide leak detector, a draft meter, a thermometer for ambient, flue, and incoming air, and a portable differential pressure manometer.

Three different models are available to buy online, so you can pick all the functionality you need.

Key Specifications

  • Includes Sensors for O2, CO, CO2, Upgradable to NO/NOx
  • CO Sensor 0-8000 ppm with NOx Filtration & H2 Comp
  • All Field-Replaceable, Pre-Calibrated Sensors (Eliminate Down Time)
  • 12" Probe (1470°F, 800°C with 10 ft Dual Hose (Gas + Draft + Temp)
  • Built-In Pressure Manometer and CO Leak Detector

Supporting Documentation

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