BW Technologies Waterproof Personal Four-Gas Detectors with Multiple Alarms

BW Technologies' GasAlert Quattro four-gas meter combines a rugged, reliable, personal safety device with simple one-button operation. The graphic LCD displays easy to identify icons that indicate operational data, like bump test and calibration status. Flashing LEDs provide continuous confirmation of operation and compliance, and vibrating and audible alarms alert workers to dangerous limits. Ideal for use in confined space entry applications.

Key Specifications

  • Monitors CO (0-1000 ppm), O2 (0-30%), H2S (0-200 ppm), and %LEL (0-100% or 0-5%v/v) concentrations with Patented SureCell™ toxic sensors
  • Enhanced resistance to common industrial cross-sensitive gases, like methanol and ethanol
  • Multiple alarms: Six red LEDs, vibrating, and 95dB audible alarms for high, low, STEL, TWA, and over limit
  • Self-test of sensor and circuit integrity, battery status, and alarms at startup, continuous sensor and battery testing with Reflex™ sensor fault diagnostics
  • Replaces retired BW Technologies GasAlert Micro and MiniMax X4

Supporting Documentation

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