Arizona Instruments Jerome J505 Mercury Vapor Analyzer for Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Arizona Instruments Jerome J505 is a mercury vapor analyzer for fluorescence spectroscopy. It has a highly efficient optical cell that requires less flow to purge the system, allowing the J505 to run at a lower flow rate, minimizing sample dilution. The J505 meets EPA & ATSDR cleanup levels. Common uses for this product include ambient air analysis, clean up compliance, disposal and recycling and hazardous waste sites.

Key Specifications

  • Detection range 0.05 to 500 ug/m3
  • Data storage up to 10,000 test results, 100 test locations
  • Choice of two independently adjustable high limit alarms
  • Choice of three unit measurement- nanograms, micrograms, milligrams
  • Color display with easy to use menu system
  • Rechargeable battery with battery life of 10+ hours (battery charges in 3 hours or less) or 12 VDC power adapter

Supporting Documentation

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