RAE Systems QRAE 3 Personal Multigas Detector

RAE Systems QRAE 3 is a rugged three-sensor gas monitor for continuous exposure monitoring of combustible gases (%LEL) carbon monoxide (CO), and hydrogen cyanide (HCN) for workers and responders in hazardous environments.

The large display shows simultaneous readings from all three sensors. The datalogging memory holds up to 3 months of data at 1 minute intervals. For ultimate protection, the QRAE 3 offers three levels of alarm: audible, LED, and vibration.

Key Specifications

  • Rental includes sensors for CO, HCN, and combustible gases
  • Display readout shows STEL, TWA, peak and minimum values
  • Hazardous area classified for use in Class I, Div 1, Groups A-D environments
  • Visual, audible, and vibratory alarms plus Man Down Alarm and policy enforcement indicators
  • Datalogging up to three months
  • Battery runtime eight hours minimum

Supporting Documentation

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