RKI Eagle 2 Intrinsically Safe Portable Multigas Detector

RKI’s Eagle 2 is a portable gas detector that can monitor up to six gases at once. The Eagle 2 has a strong internal pump that can draw samples up to 125 feet away plus a low-flow auto pump shutoff and alarm.

The Eagle 2 monitors LEL, O2, H2S and CO. Additional sensors can detect CH4, H2, CO2, methane and hydrocarbons.  The Eagle 2 can measure in PPM, %LEL or % vol. auto-ranging combustible detection. 

Typical applications include: confined space entry, leak investigation, line purge testing, VOC monitoring, transformer testing and landfill monitoring.

Key Specifications

  • Sensor range of 0 to 50 ppm and 0 to 2000 of VOC gases
  • Specialty PID, infrared, thermal conductivity, and toxic plug-and-play sensors
  • Low flow pump and shut off with LED and buzzer alarm
  • 2 alarms per channel plus TWA and STEL alarms for toxics
  • Data logging standard
  • 18 hour alkaline battery life or 20 hour Ni-MH battery life
  • CSA and CE approved; Intrinsically safe, Class I, Groups A, B, C, D

Supporting Documentation

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