Sensidyne AP-20S Gas Detection Pump Sampling Kit and Gas Detector Tubes

Safety, precision, speed, and durability are essential to you, and the Sensidyne AP-20S gas detection pump provides all of this and more. One stroke is all it takes to obtain accurate gas samples. And the Sensidyne shatter-proof detector tubes are made to the highest factory tolerances. The antibacterial blue grip makes the AP-20S perfect for use in clean rooms, hospitals, or anywhere bacterial transfer is a problem.

Key Specifications

  • Single stroke operation for easy use
  • Ergonomically designed, sure-grip, light weight, and corrosion resistant
  • Failsafe handle locks in two positions (50 ml and 100 ml), eliminating the possibility of incomplete samples
  • No lab turnaround time, no power requirements, and no calibration necessary
  • Clear indication of flow finish and measured gas or vapor concentration levels
  • Looking for gas detection tubes for use with your AP-20S pump kit? Buy them online at! Know the Draeger or Gastec tube you need? Use the cross-reference below to find the right Sensidyne part number.

Supporting Documentation

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