Testo 410-1 and 410-2 Pocket Pro Air Velocity and Temperature Meter

The pocket-sized Testo 410-1 vane anemometer measures air flow velocity and temperature, and is suitable for fast spot checks on ventilation outlets. It can also calculate timed mean value (average over time).

The Testo 410-2 measures air flow velocity, temperature, and air humidity for reliable measurement of air conditions. It can also calculate and display dewpoint and wet bulb temperature.

Key Specifications

  • Integrated measurement with 40 mm rotating vane
  • Accurately measures between 14° and 122° F (-10° and 50° C)
  • Features a windchill calculation for outdoor areas
  • Battery operated, average lifetime of 100 hours without display lighting

Supporting Documentation

Click the file icon to view the file online, or right-click on the file icon and select "Save Target As..." to download the file to disk for later viewing.