Testo 606-2 PocketPro Moisture and Humidity Meter for Construction Contractors and Inspectors

Material moisture meters have become a must-have tool in any construction contractor's pocket. They can check subfloors and concrete for high moisture levels, detect moisture in drywall that can lead to mold problems, and assess water damage in a home or commercial building.

Testo 606-2 PocketPro material moisture, air temperature and humidity monitors measure moisture in woods and other common building materials, and displays the value in a percentage of weight.

Key Specifications

  • Measures material moisture and air humidity
  • Measures temperature with an NTC air thermometer
  • Calculates dewpoint and wet bulb
  • Characteristics curves for common construction materials: beech, spruce, larch, oak, pine, and maple woods, plus cement screed, concrete, plaster, anhydrite screed, cement mortar, and brick
  • Battery operated, typically 130 hours of usable life, without backlight

Supporting Documentation

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