Testo 610 PocketPro Humidity and Temperature Meter for Comfort and HVAC Efficiency Problems

If staff productivity is suffering because of IAQ, temperature, or humidity complaints, the Testo 610 PocketPro digital temperature and humidity meter can help pinpoint the problem. It's also great if you need highly accurate wet bulb, dry bulb, and relative humidity measurements for evaluating humidity control and equipment sizing concerns.

Key Specifications

  • Long-term stable humidity sensor with ±2.5% rH accuracy over 5-95% rH
  • Temperature measuring range 14° to 122°F with ±0.9°F accuracy
  • Calculates dewpoint and wet bulb
  • Units: %rH, wet bulb, dewpoint
  • Battery operated, typically 200 hours of usable life, (without backlight)

Supporting Documentation

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