TSI Q-Trak 7565 Datalogging Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Good air quality increases worker concentration and productivity, and can help reduce lost days due to employee absences. Use the handheld TSI Q-Trak to ensure optimal indoor air quality and HVAC efficiency, and prevent IAQ complaints.

TSI's Q-Trak 7565 indoor air quality monitor measures carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity in real-time — all from a single probe. Q-Trak's state-of-the-art sensors and large easy-to-read graphics allow real-time simultaneous display of measured parameters. TRAKPRO software lets you easily show how indoor air quality changes over time.

Key Specifications

  • Measures CO2, temperature, humidity, and CO
  • Calculates dewpoint, wet bulb temperature, and percent outside air
  • Displays up to five measurements simultaneously on large LCD display
  • User-selectable logging intervals and start/stop times; Stores up to 38.9 days of data, logged at one-minute intervals
  • Datalogging supports 56,035 data points
  • Rental includes free TrakPro data analysis software
  • Direct replacement for retired TSI Q-Trak Plus 8552 and 8554 models

Supporting Documentation

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