Ludlum 2241-2 RK Radiological Emergency Response Kit

Ludlum Measurement's 2241-2 RK Emergency Response Kit includes the basic radiation measurement tools needed to handle a radiological emergency.

The 2241-2 ratemeter/scaler measures exposure, contamination, and samples. Use the alpha beta gamma Geiger-Mueller pancake probe for contamination measurements and samples, or use the gamma scintillator to find the source of the high readings.

Key Specifications

  • Ready-to-Go kit for general survey or emergency response
  • Measures alpha, beta, and gamma contamination and exposure rate
  • Auto ranging from 0.0 μR/hr-9999 R/hr; 0.000 μSv/h-9999 Sv/h; 0 cpm-999 kcpm; or 0 cps-100 kcps
  • Four-digit LCD display showing high digits, separate annunciators for display units, alert, alarm, low battery, detector overload, counting overflow and scaler counting
  • Audible and visible alarms
  • Alkaline batteries with a battery life of 200 hours

Supporting Documentation

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