Mark-10 Series 5 Advanced Digital Gauge for Tension and Compression Force Testing

Use Mark-10 Series 5 advanced handheld digital force gauge for tension and compression force testing. The Mark 10 EK5-500 features capacities from 0.00 to 500 pounds, and an industry-leading sampling rate of 7000 Hz. The Mark 10 EK5-200 features capacities from 0.00 to 200 pounds, and has the same sampling rate. The Series 5 averaging mode lets you record average force over time, ideal for peel testing. The easy-to-read display features setpoint indication, pass/fail indicators, number of saved data points, a tension/compression indicator, peak and current readings, and more.

Key Specifications

  • Accuracy of ±0.1% full scale ±1 digit, with a resolution of 1/5000
  • Mark-10 EK5-200 has a 200 lbF capacity
  • Mark-10 EK5-500 has a 500 lbF capacity
  • Large backlit graphics display
  • Programmable setpoints with indicators and outputs, with choice of five measurement units
  • Configurable audio alarms and key tones
  • On-board memory for up to 1000 readings
  • Rental includes MESURgauge software for downloading data to a PC, export to Excel, and run analysis as needed

Supporting Documentation

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