Narda NBM-520 Electromagnetic Field and Radiation Survey Meter

The Narda NBM-520 is a non-ionizing radiation survey system for both electric and magnetic fields. It features automatic probe type recognition and uses intelligent probes for automatic data transfer. All NBM probes have non-volatile memory and are easily interchangeable with no need for configuration.

The NBM-520 is used for precision measurement of electric and magentic field strength for personal safety at work where high radiation levels are present. Its rugged and lightweight housing is designed for easy one-hand operation.

Typical applications include general RF safety program measurements, service work on transmitting and radar equipment, and drying equipment in the tanning and timber industries.

Key Specifications

  • Flat response probes and probes shaped to international standards available
  • Probe EA 5091: Shaped E-Field, FCC., 300 kHz to 50 GHz, Isotropic
  • Probe EF 5091: E-Field, Thermocouple, 300 MHz to 50 GHz, Isotropic
  • Probe HF 0191: H-Field, 27 MHz to1 GHz, Isotropic (Optional)
  • Selectable Engineering Units: mW/cm2, W/m2, V/m, A/m, % of Standard (% for shaped probes only)
  • Display Range: 0.0001 to 9999% for all units (4 digits)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10° to 50°C
  • PC software (NBM-TS) used for instrument setup and remote testing
  • Audible alarm function
  • Optical link to connect to PC and remote control
  • Rechargeable batteries and AC adapter

Supporting Documentation

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