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SE International Monitor 4 and 4EC Analog Handheld Radiation Detector

The SE International Monitor 4 and 4EC are hand-held radiation detectors that detect harmful alpha, beta, gamma, and x-ray radiation. These Geiger counters are used to detect radiation levels of particulate accelerators, x-ray shielding and industrial gauges.

Both detectors have three operating levels (X1, X10 and X100) that can be adjusted when the meter peaks at the highest mR level. When the device detects an ionizing radiation event, a red light will flash and a beeping noise will sound.

Key Specifications

  • Measuring ranges: 0 to 0.5 mR/hr (0 to 500 CPM) to 0 to 50 mR/hr (0 to 50000 CPM)
  • Energy sensitivity Alpha: detects down to 2.5 MeV; detection efficiency at 3.6, MeV greater that 80%
  • Energy sensitivity Beta: detects at 50 and 150 keV; detection efficiency 35% for 50 keV and 75% for 150 keV
  • Energy sensitivity Gamma and X-rays: detects down to 10 keV through window, 40 keV minimum through case (Monitor 4EC detects through sidewall)
  • Operating temperature range: -4° to 131°F
  • 9 V alkaline battery with battery life of 2000 hours

Supporting Documentation

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