Schonstedt GA-72Cd Underground Magnetic Field Locator

The Schonstedt GA-72Cd magnetic field locator is used to find iron and steel objects that are underground. It provides audio detection signals that peak in frequency when the locator's tip is held directly over the target.

The GA-72Cd has an easy-to-read digital and bar graph display that shows signal strength and polarity. It is most popular for UXO and demining applications.

Key Specifications

  • Underground depth range: 6 to 8 feet depending on the strength of the magnetic field
  • Patented HeliFlux sensors
  • Audio and visual output
  • 3-digit LCD readout with battery and sensitivity indicators
  • No response to aluminum, brass, or copper
  • Operating Temperature -13° to 140°F
  • 2 Lithium 9V batteries with a 60 hour battery life

Supporting Documentation

Click the file icon to view the file online, or right-click on the file icon and select "Save Target As..." to download the file to disk for later viewing.