Casella CEL-240 Type 2 Digital Sound Level Meter

Casella's portable CEL-240 sound level meter is designed for occupational noise, product noise sampling, fire alarm testing, and walk-through noise surveys. It meets all the ANSI and IEC accuracy specifications required of Type 2 sound measurement devices.

The CEL-240 can also be used for measuring industrial workplace noise and conducting machinery noise surveys.

Key Specifications

  • Wide measurement range from 30 to 130dB
  • Simple two-button operation
  • Large graphic LCD screen displays current and highest noise levels plus real-time analog bar graph scale
  • Slow, fast and impulse time weightings, A and C frequency weightings
  • Auto calibration at either 114 or 94 1 kHz decibel level
  • Runs on three AA Alkaline batteries for a 35-hour battery life

Supporting Documentation

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