Svantek SV104 Personal Noise Dosimeter

Svantek's SV104 personal noise dosimeter packs full noise dosimeter capabilities into a compact cordless, easy-to-wear device. The SV104 has a shock-resistant Class 2 MEMS microphone, a high color LED display, a built-in triaxial accelerometer for vibration shock (knocking) detection, and a rechargeable battery for more than 40 hours of operation.

The SV104 features three virtual dosimeter profiles, so you can set up OSHA PEL, OSHA HC, and ACGIH on one device, and includes the ability to record audio events, including actual sound samples and voice memos.

Key Specifications

  • Cable-free personal noise dosimeter, measuring 55 dBA RMS, 140 dBA Peak, 1/1 octave real-time analysis
  • Measures Lavg/Leq, SPL, min/max, SEL, SEL8, PSEL, LEPd, dose (%), TWA, E, E-8h, peak, runtime, upper limit time, L(c-a), and projected dose (D-8h)
  • Records audio events (real-time sound samples) and voice comments, outputs .WAV format
  • A, C, and Z weighting filters; slow, fast, and impulse time constants
  • 8GB memory for logging summary results, time history logging, audio events and voice comments/tagging
  • USB 2.0 interface to your PC for charging or data transfer
  • Rental includes Svantek SvanPC++ software for data management, reporting, and analysis

Supporting Documentation

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