TSI P-TRAK 8525 Ultrafine Particle Counter for Detecting Airborne Particles < 0.1µm Diameter

The most persistent worker air quality complaints are sometimes linked to ultrafine particles. At less than 0.1 micron in diameter, these particles are products of combustion or other chemical reactions, and are often missed completely when you use conventional testing methods and measurements — temperature, humidity, air flow, and CO2 levels.

TSI's P-TRAK 8525 real-time ultrafine particle counter follows a pollutant pathway to pinpoint its source for repair or action. The P-TRAK 8525 is effective for checking filters, finding gasket leaks and identifying other pollutant pathways.

By taking outside particle counts as reference measurements and setting indoor expectations, the P-TRAK can be used to quickly locate and zero-in on unexpected levels that may be the origin of complaints. Once a problem is located, you can take appropriate action, and move on to the next source until the complaints and their causes are eliminated.

Key Specifications

  • Identifies and measures the root causes of indoor air quality complaints
  • Detects and counts ultrafine particles (0.02 to 1µm diameter)
  • Particles measured by focused laser light source and photodetector
  • Logs up to 1000 hours at one-minute intervals, storage capacity 470 points
  • Rental includes free TrakPro data analysis software

Supporting Documentation

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