Tisch Environmental TE-1000 High Volume Polyurethane Foam Air Sampler

The Tisch Environmental TE-1000 is a high volume polyurethane foam (PUF) air sampler for collecting volatile organic compounds and particulates. The PUF sampler uses a dual sampling module to collect airborne particulate and ambient semi-volatile organic compounds. The VOCs are trapped in the polyurethane foam substrates which are later collected and sent to a lab for further analysis.

The PUF sampler is typically used for US EPA reference method sampling, fence line monitoring, industrial monitoring, landfill monitoring, and public health applications. It works in any applications that require a high volume VOC sampler.

Housed in a robust aluminum shelter, the PUF sampler is built to withstand harsh conditions and provide accurate and reliable results.

Key Specifications

  • Meets US EPA method TO-4A, TO-9A and TO-13A requirements
  • Flow rate: 125 to 250 lpm
  • Aluminum blower motor assembly
  • Flow venturi calibration valve system
  • 7-day mechanical timer
  • 0 to 100" magnehelic gauge
  • Filter media: 4" round microquartz filters (TE-5010)
  • Mass flow controller (TE-300-310)

Supporting Documentation

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