Perimeter Monitoring Systems

Environmental dust exposure monitoring systems for hydraulic frac sand operations

(1) Monitor particulate around your perimeter. (2) Real-time results transfer wirelessly to our secure data center. (3) View, analyze, and prepare reports directly from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device using a standard web browser. Larger view

RAECO Rents offers complete kits for monitoring environmental dust exposure for community air monitoring programs, local, state, and federal air quality control programs, and more.

Kits come complete with a TSI DustTrak aerosol particle counter, the TSI DustTrak weatherproof enclosure with batteries and industrial tripod, and a Netronix Thiamis control unit and wireless antenna.

Order as few or as many as you need to accurately cover the perimeter of your working environment. Depending on your application, you may want to order a kit with an attached weather station for monitoring temperature and humidity change, wind speed, and wind shifts.

When you order a perimeter monitoring system from RAECO Rents, you'll get web-browser access to our secure data center, where you'll be able to see real-time results from your monitoring kit and generate reports.

Perimeter Dust Monitoring Systems

Perimeter Noise and Sound Level Monitoring Systems

Perimeter Monitoring System Accessories

Need to add a VOC monitor to your perimeter monitoring kit? Build a custom kit for dust, VOCs, and noise? Fill out our perimeter monitoring kit quote form and send it in. We can help build exactly the configuration you need.