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Campbell Scientific CR850 Datalogger

Campbell’s CR850 datalogger can be used with your community or perimeter air monitoring, and water quality remote monitoring systems. The CR850 reads and records input from your sensors, even when it’s disconnected from a power source. An integrated keyboard and display lets you program the system, manually initiate data transfers, and view data on site.

The CR850 can provide stand-alone operation in harsh or remote environments. An optional communication device like the Netronix Thiamis ICU 820 can wirelessly send data to your desktop.

Key Specifications

  • Integrated keyboard and screen for on-site programming and data display
  • Battery-backed SRAM and clock to hold data, programs, and accurate time
  • Custom ASIC chip that expands pulse count, control port, and serial communication capabilities
  • Compatible with Netronix Thiamis ICU 820 remote monitoring unit

Supporting Documentation

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