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RAECO Rents Outdoor Sound and Noise Monitoring Kits

Monitor and measure noise levels outdoors without exposing the meter to harsh weather conditions. The kits are ideal for measuring noise exposure related to construction or demolition noise, industrial or mechanical equipment, outdoor events, transportation facilities, traffic noise, boundary and perimeter monitoring studies, and more.

We've assembled two kits that include all the parts you need, a sound level meter and microphone, data management software, enclosure, calibrator, and battery power.

For applications where you're measuring up to 48 hours, our RAECO Rents orange kit will serve your purpose. It includes a 22 amp-hour battery and attaches to a tripod (included in kit) for use on slanted or non-stable terrain.

For other continuous monitoring applications, the yellow 3M Quest kit will suit your needs. This case is large enough to hold two 42 amp-hour batteries, and can be wheeled into place. Due to its weight, this unit does not have a tripod attachment, and must be placed on a flat, stable surface for accurate use.

Key Specifications

  • 3M Quest SoundPro DL datalogging sound level meter with your choice of Type 1 or Type 2 microphone
  • Pelican case with battery and charger
  • Mast, windscreen, and bird spikes
  • Pre-amp extension cable
  • 3M Detection Management Software for data analysis and reporting included free with every rental
  • Remote monitoring available using Netronix Thiamis, for viewing data remotely via a web browser. Sends alarms and alerts via SMS text message and e-mail (mobile coverage required). Call for full details.
  • Need to measure dust, VOCs, or some other environmental pollutant?
    Visit our perimeter monitoring page.

Supporting Documentation

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