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M.C. Miller Soil Resistivity Test Kit

The M.C. Miller Soil Resistivity Test Kit includes all the components required to calculate the resistivity of soil using a resistance meter. With this kit, you will have everything you need to test resistivity using the Wenner Four-Pin and Soil-Box methods. The kit includes: soil resistivity reel, soil pins, and jumper leads with banana plug ends. 400D resistance meter rented separately.

Key Specifications

  • 400A or 400D resistance meter NOT included; must be rented separately
  • Kit equipment can satisfy both 4-Electrode ASTM (G57-06) and 2-Electode AASHTO (T-288)soil resistivity testing methods
  • Wenner Four-Pin Method and Soil-Box Method follow the ASTM G 57-06 Standard
  • Maximum depth of standard test is 20 feet

Supporting Documentation

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