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Geotech Interface-Probe with ORS-Style Frame

Geotech’s Interface-Probe with ORS-style frame accurately measures depth of hydrocarbons and water in monitoring wells and tanks. The probe comes in a weather-resistant NEMA3 rugged aluminum housing, fully calibrated and ready for immediate use.

The interface probe uses an optical prism to detect fluid depths to 1/100 foot (3.05mm) and hydrocarbon layers as thin as 1/200 foot (1.52mm). Its trigger-style brake lever holds the tape in position while your measurements are recorded.

Key Specifications

  • Measures to depth of fluid are accurate to within 1/100 ft (3.05 m)
  • Can detect hydrocarbon layers as thin as 1/200 ft (1.52 mm)
  • Intrinsically safe conductivity sensor with optical prism
  • NEMA 3, weather resistant, rugged aluminum housing
  • Kit includes wiper assembly to clean and reduce dirt and hydrocarbons from entering the reel assembly

Supporting Documentation

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