Masterflex E/S Portable Peristaltic Pump Water Sampler

The Masterflex E/S portable sampler is a variable speed peristaltic pump, capable of 400 RPM. The E/S is ideal for environmental sampling; It's easy to use, portable, and runs up to four hours without power backup on its 12 VDC battery.

For longer projects, the E/S can also run off AC or 12 VDC line power. The kit includes a manual and an AC adapter with a 12-ft cable.

Key Specifications

  • Floats up to 30 minutes if dropped in water when case is closed and latched
  • Operates to a depth of 27 ft. at sea level
  • Reversible flow and prime/purge function
  • IP54-rated control panel protects the pump against inclement weather and splashing water

Supporting Documentation

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