QED MP15 Micropurge Backpack Groundwater Sampling Pump

The QED MP15 micropurge backpack is a ground water sampling pump that combines low-flow control with a built-in compressed gas source. The MP15 has three steps: set the purge flow rate, control the drawdown in the well and stabilize the purge water quality indicator parameters.

Once the MP15 is optimized, the settings can be easily recalled in the next round of sampling.

Key Specifications

  • Operating Temperature: -20° to 150°F
  • Silent drive power: 3.5 hours of purging capacity at 75 foot pump depth
  • field ready; high quality CO² regulator and cylinder change wrench included
  • Includes a quick-connect bypass fitting so other compressed gas sources can also be used for maximum versatility
  • Maximum pressure: 120 PSI
  • Maximum pump depth: 250 feet
  • 3 "AA" batteries with life span of 50,000 cycles

Supporting Documentation

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