Solinst 425 Discrete Interval Sampler (DIS)

The Solinst 425 discrete interval sampler (DIS) is a stainless steel sampler. The rental unit comes with LDPE tubing, Solinst reel, high pressure hand pump and a pressure/vent switch, used to apply and release pressure on the sampler.

A floating checkball inside the sampler prevents water located outside of the sample zone from enterting the tubing, protecting it from contamination. The 425 is designed to minimize water disturbance and the mixing of different water levels allowing for more accurate results.

Typical applications include: profiling open bodies of water, open boreholes and screened wells, LNAPL and DNAPL sampling, reaching a water sample from below oil/product layers, and collecting samples from distinct levels or points of inflow.

Key Specifications

  • Available in sizes 1.66" and 1"
  • Stainless steel construction with viton o-rings, teflon and polyethylene check balls
  • Maximum depth: 500 feet below the water level
  • Maximum pressure: 225 psi
  • Easy decontamination

Supporting Documentation

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