Technical Support for your Rental Instruments

We want you to have a successful rental experience, so we've provided several resources for technical assistance, so you can focus on getting your job done quickly and effectively.

Materials on the product pages
sample QR code at

Every RAECO Rents product has its own dedicated page on the website, where you'll find the latest user manual, quick-start guide, specification sheet, video training (where it's available), and how-to tips.

If you have a smart phone and a QR (quick response) code reader, you can get to the product's page quickly. Just point your phone's camera at the digital tattoo on the instrument, it's carrying case, or the user manual included in your rental kit, and the page will open in your phone's browser. It works great on an iPad, too. If you don't have these devices, look for the digital tattoo anyway, and type the URL below the image into your PC's browser. Either way will work.

We update these pages regularly, so check there first and see if your technical solution is already available online.

Live chat at

Check the bar at the top of this page. Do you see an orange button that says "Click for Live Help"? If so, we're in the office and can chat with you directly through the website. When we're not available, the button will be gray. You can leave us a message there, and we'll get back to you with a solution.

Matt's Blog

Whenever the Rents team helps a customer solve a technical issue, Matt writes about the solution in his blog. Check for the latest updates, how-tos and fixes.

Free phone assistance

Telephone assistance regarding the functionality of your rental instrument and its associated software will be provided at no charge. Call us anytime at 866-736-8347. During off hours, please leave a message and a support tech will be paged to contact you.

Hourly fee phone assistance

In cases where support includes matters relating to your computer's operating system, firewall, or anti-virus software, or when we install the software for you via an online desktop-sharing tool, a charge of $75 per hour will apply.

On-site training

If you need it, we can provide on-site training for rental instruments in the Chicago, Milwaukee, Peoria, and Indianapolis regions. Hourly charges and travel costs will apply.

Data evaluation

Our rental staff is not trained to interpret the results from industrial health or environmental studies. However, we will be happy to refer you to our trusted industrial health consultant and laboratory partners to assist you in these matters.

Please see our Rental Service Policies and Promises page for answers to some of the most frequent questions related to renting instrumentation from RAECO Rents.