TSI PortaCount® Pro Quantitative Respirator Fit Test System

Quick Start Tutorials

Before you start using a TSI PortaCount Pro 8030 or PortaCount Pro+ 8038, watch these three short videos.

In the first video, Matt DeLacluyse, rental specialist, walks you through out-of-the-box setup of your PortaCount Pro unit, connecting power, tubing, and alcohol cartridge, checking and replacing the optic filter and alcohol wick, preparing an N-95 disposable mask for testing, loading a test database, and running the daily check.

In the second video, David Voll, rental specialist, teaches you how to prepare your mask and connect a mask adapter kit for testing with a TSI Portacount fit test system.

For further instruction, including how how to communicate from the PortaCount to your PC, how to transfer a database from a PC to your PortaCount using a flash drive, and how to use the FitPro+ report wizard, see the TSI University Portacount Academy videos.

What's next? Watch a start-to-finish demonstration of a fit test with a TSI Portacount system.