TSI PortaCount® Pro Quantitative Respirator Fit Test System

Get the most out of your TSI PortaCount Pro systems. Prepare for your tests by watching these training videos, each focusing on a key function of your testing process, from startup to reporting.

  1. Fit Test 101: Intro to Quantitative Fit Testing   [Slides: 8.0MB PDF]
  2. Fit Test 102: PortaCount Technology  [Slides: 3.8MB PDF]
  3. Fit Test 103: PortaCount Components and Setup  [Slides: 3.4MB PDF]
  4. Fit Test 104: FitPro+ Initial Setup  [Slides: 5.6MB PDF]
  5. Fit Test 105: PortaCount to PC Communications  [Slides: 8.3MB PDF]
  6. Fit Test 201: Daily Checks   [Slides: 11.0MB PDF]
  7. Fit Test 202: Real Time Fit Factor Display   [Slides: 6.1MB PDF]
  8. Fit Test 203: FitPro+ Fit Testing   [Slides: 5.1MB PDF]
  9. Fit Test 204: Troubleshooting Fit Tests  [Slides: 7.1MB PDF]
  10. Fit Test 301: FitPro+ Report Wizard   [Slides: 12.1MB PDF]
  11. Fit Test 302: Database Management   [Slides: 10.8MB PDF]
  12. Fit Test 303: Flash Drive Database Exchange   [Slides: 10.7MB PDF]
  13. Fit Test 401: Intro to Stand-Alone Operations   [Slides: 10.0MB PDF]
  14. TSI FitPro+ Software: How to Create a Database and More

Bonus Material: TSI PortaCount Pro Respirator Fit Test System Troubleshooting Guide [441KB .PDF]

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