3M Quest EVM-7 Combination IAQ, VOC, and Particulate Monitor

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The 3M EVM-7 environmental monitor is a benchtop aerosol mass concentration monitor, indoor air quality meter, and area gas detector in a single device. It measures relative humidity and temperature and can simultaneously measure and log mass concentration particulates, volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Its large display and buttons, dial-in impactor, simple screens, straightforward commands and robust software solutions put all of the EVM-7's capabilities right at your fingertips.

  • Simultaneously measures and logs particulate mass concentration, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), toxic gases, CO, and CO2
  • Patent-pending dial-in rotary impactor system for quick particulate selection (PM2,5. PM4, PM10, or TSP)
  • Built-in sampling pump collects particles while the light-scattering photometer mass concentration engine provides real-time measurement
  • Photoionization detector (PID) measures volatile organic compounds
  • Rental includes 3M Detection Management Sofware (DMS) for data management and analysis
More Information
Manufacturer 3M
Kit Contents

Base model with PID sensor, CO2 sensor, CO sensor, two 37mm gravimetric filter cassettes, 12 VDC universal power supply, USB cable, impactor grease, PID cleaning kit, pump protection filters, dust zero calibration filter assembly, toxic calibration adapter, user manual, 3M Detection Management Software CD, and carrying case.

Shipping Dimensions (LxWxD) 22x15x15
Weight (lbs) 36.0000
Measuring Range CO 0 - 1000 PPM
Measuring Range CO2 0 - 20000 PPM
Measuring Range Air Flow 0 - 3940 Ft/Minute
Measuring Range VOCs 0 - 2000 PPM, 0 - 50000 PPM
Measuring Range Temperature 32° - 140°F
Power Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery , AC Line Power

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